Smart oil cleaner is one of the products of Smart Eco Solution, and it is currently the most effective tool for absolutely encapsulating contaminants and cleaning up spilled oil from any surface. In addition, it is also suitable for binding oil contaminants found in soil and sand.

This powder has unique chemical and hydrophobic properties, along with a high surface tension. Smart oil cleaner encapsulates hydrocarbon molecules, which therefore no longer dissolve, and immediately enters into a direct chemical reaction with the oil. During this process, a primary chemical bond (so-called adsorbent) is formed. The oil then separates from the contaminated surface, and the compound solidifies to form a granule-like material.

Smart oil cleaner intentionally consists of very small particles (2 to 18 μm), in order to be able to penetrate small surface irregularities, including porous surfaces that are difficult to clean (e.g. concrete, tiles, floor, etc.). Thanks to these small particles, it also acquires better quality sorption properties.

Smart oil cleaner is made of natural materials, without added chemicals, and is 100% ecological.




Advantages of use

  • Compared to the weight of the contaminated material, a large amount of product is not required.
  • Removes all dirt/contaminants, and leaves no harmful substances.
  • It does not require strong physical work, because the material performs its suction effect even without human intervention.
  • The level of human intervention for process efficiency is significantly lower than with sandblasting technology.
  • Used, already contaminated adsorbent can be used in our take-back system. It can also be handled as standard, according to valid legislation and norms.
  • Thanks to its strong hydrophobic properties, you can use Smart Oil Cleaner very well even on wet roads. It does not allow washing.
  • When dealing with disasters and protecting the environment, there is no risk of subsequent contamination, even after the material has bound to contaminants.

Properties of Smart oil cleaner

  • Size:> 2-18 μm (produced by nanotechnological process)
  • pH: 11.5 - 12.5
  • Hydrophobic
  • Sorption properties: 1.8 l of oil per 1 kg of sorbent
  • Density: 0.67 kg / dm3
  • White colour
  • Application temperature: from -20 ° C to +370 ° C
  • Physical state: powder
  • Recommended use: maximum 1 kg of powder per 1 litre of oil
  • Specific surface:> 25 m2 / gr

Possibilities of use

Thanks to its properties, Smart oil cleaner offers a wide range of applications. Among them are, for example, the following:

  • Cleaning up oil spills
    • due to accidents,
    • due to natural disasters,
    • on oil rigs,
    • on tankers and oil tanker trucks.
  • Drainage and cleaning of ports, tanks, reservoirs.
  • Degreasing the environment of damaged machines and equipment.
  • Drainage of roads, racetracks, railways, car parks, and airports.
  • Degreasing and cleaning of workshop and factory floors.
  • Binding and stabilization of oil pollution in soil or sand.
  • Cleaning of concrete and asphalt surfaces from freshly spilled oil.
  • Deodorization of livestock farming by applying the substance to animal manure.



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